I’m Jorge Fusaro Martínez, or @jorgefusaro on the interwebs.

I believe good is better than best and that we are always capable of going further and doing more good in the world. The world needs more people committed to doing good and promoting freedom, gratitude, love, empathy, and happiness.

I have been in business for 30 years and have started over 25 companies and projects, primarily weaving creative marketing, all things web, technology, and the arts. I have also sat on several non-profit boards on education, social justice,

Primarily an experiential self-taught learner and serial entrepreneur, I have a large share of business and management mistakes that are core to my coaching practice.

I am a business coach and podcasting newbie. Most of my current work centers on helping business owners launch projects from A to Z with a clear niche, branding and strategy while I also work with managers and organizational leaders seeking to reconcile work/life balance, improve their management skills, become better storytellers, sell and pitch with intent and results, and solve critical problems.

“Learning never exhausts the mind.”

-Leonardo da Vinci

I am proud to be known by peers as a professional who can show up anytime and help others thrive by: producing ideas, providing multiple solutions to solve problems and for delivering results. I love providing value that amplifies your idea, your business, your life, and your contribution to bring more good into the world.

In other news, I’m a father of 1 and a husband of 1, a visual artist, designer, a coffee-lover, and a reader of all the books. I also manage a couple of securities and cryptocurrency portfolios, a real estate business, guesthouse, art gallery, and book publisher, along with my wife, co-founder and editor, Dra. Lucía Orsanic.

Thanks for stopping by.


I was born and raised in what has been considered by the press to be the happiest place on earth: San Juan, Puerto Rico. I have been pursuing business projects and all things creative since 1990: maker, ideator, creator, builder, fixer, restorer, producer. A dreamer of words & visuals.

I love people, community and a good challenge like figuring stuff out without the need for instructions, learning by doing, and experimenting. I tend to laser focus on new things I want to learn and have self-taught myself plenty of interesting things from music, to coding, to art and construction. I am a fan of the good ol’ process of trial and error (used wisely) without the need to hit the same wall others hit before. I like to work with my hands and create tangible objects that bring beauty to the world.

Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

George Bernard Shaw

Perhaps my main drive in life is to inspire people to find their purpose, think deeply, make changes, chase their vision with courage and live life with intention. I do this by bringing positive insight to people’s life, pointing out their blind spots and hidden possibilities, helping re-frame experiences and personal strengths, bring order to chaos, and delivering creative ideas and solutions to problems.

I like to describe myself as a creative and compelling thinker- ideas keep me up and keep me going. I like to dance between tradition and the future; the modern and the postmodern; reality and fiction; stillness and motion; silence and noise. I am opinionated yet reserved; intellectual yet ignorant; extroverted yet introverted; and independent yet inter-dependent. All in all, I am a work in progress. As I grow and learn, I discover…that I got a lot to unlearn, learn, and relearn.

I started drawing and taking art classes and calligraphy as a child. My father gave me a Canon film camera when I was 11 that I treasured more than any toy in my room. At the same age, I opened my first lemonade stand and at 13 became a DJ. Since then I have been creating art and business projects. I have a loving family and group of friends that have conspired to support me in my adventures and listen to my stories.

“He who works with his hands is a laborer. He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman. He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”

Saint Francis of Assisi

Thanks for stopping by and learning more about my work and why I do what I do. I am not online to sell you anything (at least for now, hehe). If I can be of help and value to your life, please don’t hesitate to ask. If you can’t pay for my services, don’t worry, I am happy to assist you to problem solve and move forward towards your goals.

coaching and consulting: www.notablygood.life
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Books and publisher: www.edicionesdelflamboyan.com
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